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“We are dedicated to helping Orphan children around the world to meet their basic needs and nurturing their education. Our mission is to assist by providing food, clothing, and school supplies through your valuable donations.
Every child, in the eyes of this non-profit, is a precious gift deserving of love, care, and opportunity. And so, this organization stands as a guiding light toward a brighter future for orphaned children everywhere.”


Thousands of people struggle to provide a single meal per day to their families. Portion of our donations will help us provide food packages to the families in need.


Zakat is a humble form of a charity during the month of Ramadan. Help us provide Iftar packages to the poor families by donating your Zakat.


The greatest of rewards. Dedicate your Sadaqa Jariyah to someone in need. Help us purchase grocery items for poor families, especially for single mothers with a deceased spouse.


All children should have equal opportunities to completing a basic education. Help us provide books, stationary, backpacks, uniforms, and shoes for Orphans.


A large majority of people facing poverty suffer from untreated medical condition. Help us pay for someone’s medical treatment and earn their blessings.

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We Are Afflaaq org.

Orphans are one of the most vulnerable group of children. By supporting our goal, our donors help us contribute to reducing the cycle of poverty and empowering the children that deserve equal opportunities towards a secure future.
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At Afflaaq, we are on a mission to transform the lives of orphan children worldwide. With your valuable donations, we provide essential personal and educational support to those who need it most. Your contribution helps us offer food, clothing, and school supplies, ensuring that these vulnerable children have a chance at a brighter future.